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Good for you,
good for the planet

We are leading a plant-based revolution that inspires healthier communities and a happier planet.

GFI is committed to providing healthy and sustainably produced plant-based food and ingredients created with crops that are regenerative to the soil, processed locally and with low emission and water usage techniques.  

Family cooking healthy food

Top 5 reasons to choose pulses 


Highly Nutritious and rich in protein


Generate 4x-5x lower emissions than other grains


Regenerative: Return nitrogen to the soil from the air


Require less water than other sources of protein


Non-GMO, Low Glycemic Index and Gluten-Free 
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Low Glycemic Index

Benefits of Pulses 

Highly nutritious and environmentally friendly, peas, lentils, chickpeas and beans are some of the fastest-growing sources of plant protein.

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Highly Nutritious


Rich in Protein


Low Glycemic Index 




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Pulses are good for the Earth.  They naturally fix soil with nitrogen and, when used as a rotation crop, replenish the soil and replace the need for harmful chemical fertilizers.

Leading in Food Trends

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Gluten Free


Allergy Friendly

Vegan Friendly

Sustainably and Ethically Produced


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Pulses are one of the most affordable sources of protein in the world.

Better for you

Healthy for your heart and digestive system.

Packed with protein and fiber.

Good source of  iron, magnesium, folate, and potassium.


More than ever, consumers are demanding alternative proteins that are as delicious, affordable, and accessible as conventional products. 

Applications of Our Products


Meat Alternative

Plant-based proteins are used as a method to add nutrition, protein and texture to meat alternative products. 


Healthy Foods

A source of high protein, pulses and legumes are directly added to foods and meals.  In addition, our value added plant-based protein ingredients are incorporated into pasta, snacks, breads and various meal preparation products.

Preparing Healthy Food- Plant Based Food

Plant-Based Meals

Increasing consumer demand for plant-based options is driving restaurants and retailers to offer more selection. Consumers are increasingly aware of the health benefits of legumes and pulses and are demanding more healthy plant-based protein alternatives.

Plant-based Cookies

Baked Goods

Pulse flours are a staple for the gluten-free baked goods, snacks and breakfast foods market.


Plant-Based Milk & Creamers

Plant-based milks & creamers powered by peas are high in protein, making them an ideal alternative to dairy milk. Pea-based beverages are also environmentally friendly, producing less emissions and using less water than many alternative plant-based milks.

Cat Nibble

Pet Food

American consumers are increasingly concerned about the sustainability of the pet food they buy.


Consumers are also looking for healthier alternatives in pet food, this includes plant-based proteins such as lentils, peas and beans.

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