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GFI is continuously seeking new opportunities to grow our business and promote plant-based foods.  Please contact us to explore ways that we can work together.


Zealandia Terminal, Saskatchewan

100 Elevator Road, Zealandia,

SK, S0L 3N0, Canada
Contact: +1 (306) 882-1999

Lajord Terminal, Saskatchewan

Vigro Facility, Saskatchewan

R.M. of Lajord No 128,

SK, S0G 4K0, Canada
Contact: +1 (306) 885-2144

Bowden Plant ,


2369 W Railway St

Bowden, AB 

T0M 0K0

Contact : +1 (403) 775-7455


34310 RR 11B

Bowden, AB

T4G 0K0

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