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Consumer Products

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We are actively developing a variety of plant-based consumer products developed with ingredients sourced from our farmer network and processed at our facilities. Our products are made from simple ingredients that are nutritious, delicious and good for the Earth. 

Our premium brands include our high protein plant-based milk and snacks brand, Yofiit, and our high protein gluten-free lentil pasta brand, Bentilia.  In addition, we are launching a series of healthy lentil and pea based ready-to-eat side dishes under our Five Peas in Love brand later this year.

YoFiit Plant-Based Milk & Snacks

Plant-Based Milk & Snacks 

YoFiit Logo

Plant-Based Milk

YoFiit plant-based milks

Chickpea and pea based
10g of protein
1000 mg of omega 3
Zero gum
No to low sugar

Designed with 10x more protein than the other plant-based milks. 
Rich & Delicious. No fillers. No gums. No to Low Sugar.

Gut-Focused Nutrition Bars

Open Wrap Mockup-New-Apple Cinnamon Bar.png
Open Wrap Mockup-New-Almond Choco Bar.png

10g of protein
12g of fibre
10g of probiotics
No sugar alcohol

The only bar designed for your hardest physical & mental tasks. Sustains you for 4 hours, at the gym, school, work.  Packed with probiotics, fibre & protein.

Low Carb, No Sugar Bars

3g of net carbs
6g of protein
No sugar alcohol
2g of natural sugar

Open Wrap Mockup-New-Vanilla Ginger Bar.png

Keto-Friendly bars designed to improve performance,  digestion and overall health.

Low Carb, No sugar Granola

Delicious raw, sugar-free, plant-based granola and snack enriched with adaptogens. Keeps you focused, satisfied and improves immune support.

Only 1g of natural sugar
3g net carbs
No sugar alcohol
Enriched with DHA omega-3

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Chocolate Almond Bag Mockup - Front - ma
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Five Peas Side Dishes
Bentilia Pastas

Plant-Based Pastas

Bentilia's premium line-up of pastas comes in four varieties: three red lentil-based (penne, rotini, elbow) and a fourth superfood Ziti, Bentilia 10, which includes 10 additional superfoods on top of the core red lentil ingredient.

Bentilia Red Lentil Pasta
Bentilia Red Lentil Pasta
Bentilia Red Lentil Pasta
Bentilia Red Lentil Pasta
Bentilia Red Lentil Pasta

Red Lentil Pasta 

Bentilia Penne, Rotini and Elbow; made only from red lentils from North American farms. Clean label, Non-GMO, kosher, gluten-free, plant-based and plantricious certified.

100 % plant-based, made from red lentils
Gluten-free certified

High in protein and fiber

Naturally rich in iron, folate & fiber 

Low glycemic index
Non-GMO, All natural

Red Lentil Pasta. Supercharged

Bentilia 10 Ziti: Our red lentil pasta super-charged with 10 additional superfood ingredients. 

Bentilia Ingredients

Visit to learn more

Plant-Based Side Dishes & Meals

Five Peas in Love plant-based ready-to-eat side dishes & meals are made with simple wholesome ingredients. Offering a highly nutritious and convenient meal option, they are packed with protein and fibre and can be enjoyed as a side dish or main course.  We use planet-friendly ingredients including protein-rich peas and lentils.

5 Peas in Love Logo_RGB.png

Delicious and ready in 90 seconds or less.

Five Peas in Love Lentil Meals

100 % plant-based, made with lentils and peas


Gluten-free certified

7 grams of protein per serving

Good source of fiber

Non-GMO, All-natural

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Five Peas in Love Lentil Mushroom Sidedish
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