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We know our business from the ground up.

About Us

About Us

Proudly supplying premium sustainable plant-based protein ingredients sourced from North American farmers to consumers across the globe.

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Our Business Philosophy

Sustainable Agriculture

GFI's business philosophy revolves around forging partnerships with both our customers and suppliers. Together, we strive to establish sustainable supply chains for pulses, specialty crops, and their related ingredients. Our aim is to benefit every link in the supply chain, from the farmers at the source to consumers across the globe.

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USDA Organic
Kosher Certification

Our Headquarters and Operations

Sustainable Farming

GFI is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with facilities in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada, and distribution operations in Clayton, North Carolina. We have a highly experienced team that is passionate about plant-based food and ingredients and committed to building a leading organization in the industry. GFI has ambitious goals to bring pulses & specialty crops sourced from North American farms to the world.

Our Team

Our Team

Leadership and Experienced Team

Our team boasts extensive expertise in the Canadian pulse industry, agriculture, agri-food sourcing, processing, ingredients development, and branded consumer products.


David Hanna

President & CEO

David brings 20 years of management experience within the food and beverage sectors to his role in leading GFI’s expansion as President & CEO. Prior to founding GFI, David worked for 10 years building agri-food companies and served in executive roles within international food businesses for 12 years, including at a major consumer products company.


Bill Murray

Chief Financial Officer

With 25 years in corporate finance and private equity and 13 years of advisory roles within the food and agriculture sectors, Bill brings proven executive skills to his role as GFI's CFO. 

Over 20 years of experience in investment banking and private equity, including primary responsibility for the agriculture and food sectors.

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Jaime Rueda

President, North Lily

Jaime has worked in sales and operations within agri-food and ingredients companies for 30 years, with executive-level expertise in managing global pulse and specialty crop divisions. He brings extensive experience in leading strategic growth, innovation, and product development.

Our Facilities

Four Plant-Protein Processing Facilities

Our Facilities

GFI operates four processing facilities strategically situated in the heart of Canada's pulse and specialty crops production, spanning Saskatchewan and Alberta.
Our products undergo meticulous processing and packaging within our facilities, guaranteeing the highest quality and traceability for our customers. All our facilities are certified organic and equipped with an onsite glyphosate testing lab.

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Certified under CGC HACCP



Four Plant Protein Processing Facilities



440,000 metric tonnes of annual processing capacity



56 rail cars a week of shipping capacity on both CN and CP rail lines.

Glysophate Free


Onsite Glyphosate Testing Lab

Organic Certified


USDA Organic and Canada Organic Certified

Plant-Based Food


Over 20,000 metric tonnes of storage

Zealandia Terminal,

Lajord Terminal, Saskatchewan

Vigro Facility,


Bowden Facility,


2369 W Railway St

Bowden, AB 

T0M 0K0

Contact : +1 (403) 775-7455


34310 RR 11B

Bowden, AB

T4G 0K0

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