Plant-based food & Ingredients 

Plant-Based Food

Derived from Premium Pulses & Specialty Crops 


We bring sustainable, traceable plant-based protein rich foods & ingredients from the farm to your table. 

Global Food and Ingredients Inc. ("GFI") is a fast-growing, Canadian plant-based food and ingredients company focused on  pulses and specialty crops.  We supply premium plant-based high protein ingredients to customers around the world and are also launching a direct to consumer line of plant-based products in North America.  We directly source our supply at farms surrounding our three Saskatchewan processing facilities, in the heart of Canada’s pulse and specialty crops growing region.  
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Specializing in Pea Protein Inputs, Premium Plant-Based Ingredients & Plant-Based Branded Consumer Products

We offer top quality North American agri-food ingredients, sourced from our farm network, processed at our facilities and delivered to every continent around the world. We supply conventional, organic, non-GMO, glyphosate-free and gluten-free products, with a focus on pulses and derived ingredients.
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Our Products

Pea Protein
Specialized Glyphosate-Free and Organic Yellow Peas for the Pea Protein Extraction Industry.
Sourced at farm and tested and controlled through GFI’s facilities.
Plant-Based Ingredients
Specialty Crops
Split Peas
Pea and Lentil Flours
Pea Protein Isolates
Organic and conventional products sourced at the farm processed at our facilities and delivered to over 20 countries worldwide.
Plant-Based Foods
Plant-Based Consumer Products Powered by Pea and Lentil Protein

We are developing a full line up of plant-based foods for the direct-to-consumer market, offering farm-to-fork products that are healthy, gluten-free and sustainable.  Coming to your plate in 2022.


Sustainable agriculture

Our Brands

Our brands represent our commitment to quality Plant-Based products locally grown & processed.

North Lily Logo

North Lily is our premium pulses and specialty crops wholesale brand. Our North Lily products are grown by local farmers and processed in the heart of Saskatchewan’s key pulse growing regions. All North Lily products are cleaned, sorted & bagged for export in one of our facilities, ensuring premium quality standards. 

To learn more about North Lily visit

North Lily Organic Logo

North Lily Organic is our organic certified pulses and specialty crop wholesale brand. North Lily Organic products are grown by organic farmers in a natural & clean environment and processed in our certified organic facilities with onsite third-party testing.

Organic Food Logos
Oscar Pet Food Logo

Oscar pet food wholesale brand offers nutrient rich pulses, seeds & specialty crops for the high-grade pet food industry.  

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Our Mission

Confidence in Healthy, Quality Foods & Ingredients

Our mission is to supply premium sustainable plant-based protein ingredients, connecting North American farmers to consumers around the world.  We are focused on supplying a broad range of pulses and specialty crops ingredients sourced directly from farmers and distributed to end users, whether it be food processors, retailers or institutional buyers. We also launching a line of direct-to-consumer retail products focused on plant-based protein ingredients.   We are passionate about providing top quality healthy foods and ingredients to our customers with a high level of service and reliability.  

Plant-Based Foods

Everything we do is rooted in our core values – all of our products are plant-based, healthy, high in protein, gluten-free, non-GMO and sustainable.

Quality from
Farm to Table

Ensuring our quality standards are met from start to finish, bringing the best agri-food products straight from the farm to your table.

Confidence in our Products

We understand the importance of quality and attention to detail.  You can buy our products with the confidence that you will get the best the market has to offer.

Applications of Our Products

More than ever, consumers are demanding alternative proteins that are as delicious, affordable, and accessible as conventional products. 



Meat Alternative

Plant-based proteins are used as a method to add nutrition, protein and texture to meat alternative products. 

Healthy Foods

A source of high protein, pulses and legumes are directly added to foods and meals.  In addition, our value added plant-based protein ingredients are incorporated into pasta, snacks, breads and various meal preparation products.
Preparing Healthy Food- Plant Based Food

Plant-Based Meals

Increasing consumer demand for plant-based options is driving restaurants and retailers to offer more selection. Consumers are increasingly aware of the health benefits of legumes and pulses and are demanding more healthy plant-based protein alternatives.
Plant-based Cookies

Baked Goods

Pulse flours are a staple for the gluten-free baked goods, snacks and breakfast foods market.

Plant-Based Milk & Creamers

Plant-Based milks & creamers powered by peas are high in protein, making them an ideal alternative to dairy milk. Pea-based beverages are also environmentally friendly, producing less emissions and using less water than many alternative plant-based milks.