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Robert Wolf

Chairman of GFI's Board of Directors

Robert is an active investor and corporate director. Robert served as the CFO of one of Canada's largest REITs for 14 years and since 2008 has been a corporate director, serving on the Boards of a number of Canadian public companies in the real estate, healthcare and other sectors.Robert's deep and varied experience across multiple industries makes him an invaluable leader of the GFI Board, advising on all aspects of the business and leading GF's commitment to the highest standards of good corporate governance.

Mike Wiener

Member of GFI's Board of Directors

Mike Wiener is the CEO of 35 Oak Holdings, entrepreneur in premium food companies, and member of the GFI Board of Directors.

Mike has gained extensive experience in a wide array of industries at 35 Oak Holdings which has diversified holdings in the manufacturing, real estate, technology, hospitality, agricultural, and energy industries. Mike is also a co-founder of Arch Companies, a US based real estate private equity firm with over $1Bn of real estate assets throughout the US.

Frank van Biesen

Audit Committee Chair of GFI's Board of Directors

A driver for financial and operational efficiency, Frank has a keen focus on detailed metrics and analytics to facilitate decision-making.Prior to joining the GFI Board, Frank gained over 25 years of experience in executive roles in the CPG and industrial space, including 10 years at Kruger Products Limited, where he assisted in taking it public. Prior to his work at Kruger, Frank spent 15 in manufacturing leadership at a large cap CPG company.

Erin Rooney

Corporate Governance, Nominating and Compensation Committee Chair of GFI's Board of Directors

With more than 25 years of experience working in consumer products, Erin is a crucial voice on the GFI Board of Directors. Erin is currently Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Consumer Products at McCormick & Company, an American food company that manufactures, markets, and distributes spices and and other flavouring products. Erin's work at McCormick & Company has prepared her to play an active role in GFI's consumer product strategy.

Amber MacArthur

Member of GFI's Board of Directors

Amber is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, award-winning podcast host, blogger, keynote speaker, TV/radio host and one of GFI's Board of Directors.Amber has more than 20 years of experience working in tech and media, and is a crucial voice on our board when it comes to advanced technologies and digital innovation. Amber began her career during the dot-com boom in San Francisco and is now President of AmberMac Media, a content marketing agency producing digital media.

David Hanna

President & CEO and Member of GFI's Board of Directors

David brings 20 years of management experience within the food and beverage sectors to his role in leading GF's expansion as President & CEO. Prior to founding GFI, David worked for 10 years building agri-food companies and served in executive roles within international food businesses for 12 years, including at a major consumer products company.

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