Our Brands 

Our three brands represent our commitment to quality products locally grown & processed.

North Lily is our premium quality pulses and specialty crops brand. Our North Lily products are grown by local farmers and processed in the heart of Saskatchewan’s key pulse growing regions. All North Lily products are cleaned, sorted & bagged for export in one of our facilities, ensuring premium quality standards. 

To learn more about North Lily visit www.northlily.com

North Lily Organic is our organic certified pulses and specialty crop brand. North Lily Organic products are grown by organic farmers in a natural & clean environment and processed in our certified organic facilities with onsite third-party testing.

Oscar pet food brand offers nutrient rich pulses, seeds & specialty crops for the high-grade pet food industry.  

Our Products 

Green Lentils


Organic Pulses

Yellow Peas

Organic Wheat

Organic Rye

Red Lentils

Yellow Split Peas

Maple Peas

Edible Beans

Organic Oats

Green Peas

Green Split Peas

Canary Seed

Flax Seed

Organic Barley